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Implementing SAP HANA server, network management at all different stages and SAP consulting are our main focuses. We also offer integration solutions for your ERP. It makes no difference which systems you would like to connect.

Since 2001 we successfully worked for customers all over the world. These customers are from different industries such as health, security and automotive and much more.

Our motto: "As much as necessary - as little as possible". We boost your business with the professional and individual network and server technology as well as the perfect software and ERP solution just optimized on your personal business needs.

  • SAP HANA Server

    Get your SAP HANA ready server and start at once with handling Big Data in real-time.

  • Network Technology

    Professional infrastructure management whether you want to expand or you need an update in your existing workflows.

  • SAP Consulting

    We also support you in your SAP project to achieve the best solution for your business.

SAP SMB Innovation Summits and Dates 2018

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Run Tour Spain

February 01-02, 2018

Run Tour USA

February 14-17, 2018
Chicago, USA
February 17-23, 2018
Tampa, Florida

SAP Summit Barcelona

April 10-12, 2018
CCIB – Barcelona International Convention Center
Barcelona, Spain

SAP Summit Orlando

April 18-20, 2018
Caribe Royale Resort and Convention Center
Orlando, Florida

Our Products and Services


On-premises vs. cloud server solution: Although clouding is a trending topic today, we decided to go in the opposite direction. We did that for a very good reason because we believe in on-premises server technology and it’s benefits.

We offer you the perfect SAP HANA solution. Just concentrate on your SAP implementation while we take care of the hardware and software configuration with our Worry-Free service and support.We developed a completely unique and perfect 360° in-house solution for SAP HANA including:

  • Pre-configured SAP HANA ready to start server
  • Servers are also certified
  • Worry-Free support
Network Technology

From cabling to installation of hardware and software, we are your partner for network infrastructure. We offer a number of services both for SAP and third party systems:

  • Network installation, expansion and configuration of workstations
  • Network analysis and optimization
  • User support
SAP Consulting

Our focus is to implement a customer friendly introduction of SAP in order to fullfill your requirements with innovative solutions. Software and licenses were only used as means to an end. Our SAP consultation also offers a wide range of service and support:

  • De-escalation of your existing SAP project
  • Implementation of a SAP system individual to your business model
  • Support of your SAP project

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