Strong Partnerships, better results

✔️ We value constructive partnerships and give our best to build them strong and healthy. Together with our Silver SAP Partner and SAP partners, we support companies that run HANA in three main locations, such as Germany, USA and Perú.

✔️Offering quality products and servicies are our priorities, no matter where our clients are. Improve your business’s performance and dare to be seen in a competitive market. Choose to improve your results with a better data management.

Why is Lenovo the best choice for iSystems

  We are working closely with LENOVO, the leading provider of x86 systems for the data center. Lenovo supports enterprises-class performance, reliability and security, offering as well a full range of networking, storage, software and solutions. Lenovo servers are validated by SAP to be the ideal platform do deploy SAP Business One, version for SAP[…]

jezZ - Setup SAP HANA and Business One

SMB Innovation Summit 2019 – Unveiling Jezz, A Revolutionary One-Click SAP Setup Device

Calling all the tech aficionados & business people around the globe to come and join the SMB Innovation Summit 2019 in Nice and Orlando. Because you are going to witness the IOT innovation that will take the ecosphere of SAP to a whole new level. Jezz, that’s the future of SAP; we will put forth[…]

SAP Server Room

Digital Transformation of Traditional Businesses

  Digital Transformation of Traditional Businesses The transition to increasing use of digital services and data processing poses not only challenges. There are also tremendous opportunity for traditional businesses. A representative study, conducted by German trade association Bitkom, yielded a number of interesting results. Four out of ten companies in Germany have already responded to[…]


How to win the 2016 UEFA European Soccer Championship with SAP Sports One on SAP HANA

How to win the 2016 UEFA European Soccer Championship with SAP Sports One on SAP HANA With SAP Sports One the German national soccer team wants to win the 2016 UEFA European Championship. This Software is based on the in-memory database SAP HANA.Shortly before the start of the tournament, the German national football association and[…]

iSystems Server vs. Cloud

SAP HANA: On-Premises vs. Cloud

10 Reasons to run SAP HANA on Premises: On-Premises vs. Cloud For a few years now, cloud computing has been one of the hottest topics in IT. With our HANA 360° solution, however, we at iSystems decided to go in the opposite direction: we offer a dedicated on-premises server solution. Below, we have compiled what[…]

Server Network

What is SAP HANA?

What is SAP HANA? With SAP HANA, you will be prepared for the ongoing digital shift regardless of your business model. The High Performance Analytics Appliance enables retrieval, analysis, evaluation and comparison of huge amounts of data in real-time. But how does it work? This SAP server solution is based on innovative in-memory technology. All[…]

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