SMB Innovation Summit 2019 – Unveiling Jezz, A Revolutionary One-Click SAP Setup Device

Calling all the tech aficionados & business people around the globe to come and join the SMB Innovation Summit 2019 in Nice and Orlando. Because you are going to witness the IOT innovation that will take the ecosphere of SAP to a whole new level. Jezz, that’s the future of SAP; we will put forth every minute detail of this device in the public domain during the summit.

jezZ - Setup SAP HANA and Business One

What is Jezz?

To put it simply, Jezz is at IOT device bestowed with the advanced capabilities of establishing SAP Ecosystem with just one click, in the matter of few hours. Being a plug & plug gadget, this one wants to redefine how SAP can empower both small and work to accomplish big goals just by reaping the many advantages of SAP. Jezz promises to be one of the key minutes of the innovation summit 2019.

How Does The Jezz Device Work?

Since the Jezz device comes with one-click easy installation, the odds of configuration errors are next to nothing. All you need to choose the right version and set option out of many, in line with your requirements & demands to get going with Jezz. In addition to all the key features, with Jezz one can easily backup and administrate the entire SAP system to ensure seamless operations. What’s more, the Jezz can be used to have high-availability installations.

In a nutshell, Jezz is the next big IOT thing that makes it easy to setup SAP HANA environment with just one-click set up.

Key Advantages of the Jezz Device

• Easy installation & configuration
• One-click set of Business One and SAP HANA
• Mobility, only internet connectivity is needed
• 24 * 7 monitoring and backup

At last, why think or rethink, join us to be a part of Jezz’s first public demonstration .

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