Who are we?

Steffen is the founder of iSystems and an admirable colleague who consolidates our multi cultural team.His ambition as a young man, while supporting his family’s business, determined him later on to build iSystems.Today, he is recognised as a skilled SAP consultant with extensive knowledge and the key actor in relationship with our partners.What we appreciate the most about him, besides embracing diversities and staying true to himself and to us as well, is his faith in people, a quality that isn’t easy to find in a team leader and that makes him a trusting friend after all.

Jessica works in the administration department. She manages all sorts of aspects that smoothly-run our company and she masters time management, always making sure we have her full support no matter what.She enjoys the cozy atmosphere of our office and our cultural diversity sharing the same love we have for food.We appreciate her consideration towards others and the contribution she brings to our company. She is currently still on parental leave taking care of the beautiful iSystem’s mascotte in the picture.

Klaus is a valuable resource for iSystems, working for our company as a system administrator right from the beginning. With solid knowledge in computer science and a great sense of humour, Klaus is a warm presence in our office. His time-management skills inspire us to become the best version of ourselves.

Tamara has a vital role in our company. She is the Front Office Administrative Assistant and a reliable colleague with great organisational skills.We appreciate her efficiency that she shows both at work and at home.She feels very welcomed in our team and we are grateful for her contribution in achieving goals.

After taking ownership and expanding his knowledge on the software management, working at that time in the hotel and international business sector in Germany, Mike decided to join our team.Today, he is the man behind iSystems’s stage, managing in a holistic manner all the aspects that make customers’s companies run, offering great customer support.Besides being a brilliant iSystems team member and a good explainer, he is appreciated for his honesty and his creativity experimenting with networks.

Sarah is the Italian sparkle in our team, working in the Communication and Marketing department. Her determination to get things done in a good way, shows integrity and reflects great organisational skills. She is proud of her heritage as much as we are and we love her enthusiasm being part of iSystems team. She believes that our work environment is an evolving climate where all great opportunities need to be understood and considered in order to grow.

As a member of iSystem’s team, Gabriela focuses on Communication and Marketing. Her determination helps improve our visibility and enhances our team’s cohesion which we regard as a fundamental quality. Originally from Romania, she is interested in sustainability and has a great aptitude for photography. We found in her an especially caring colleague with great organizational skills. She uses creative thinking to prioritize solutions that have a positive impact.

Cristina is the iSystems’s Ambassador, working in the Marketing department and maintaining the relationship with our partners all over the World. She comes from Portugal, she loves art history beyond any imagination and she is a proud mum of two children. With a great intuition and a good sense of observation she represents us showing our expertise. iSystems is for her a modern company that embraces differences and enhance the creativity that was always part of her natural being. We are grateful to have her on board.

Chonlada is working with us since the last autumn, being in charge with network administration and customer support.She is a patient listener, a good observer and a bright iSystems team member. Her particular way of caring about people makes her a valuable colleague and we cannot express how lucky we are to have her around, especially when she is sharing a bit oh her Thai culture in our plates.For her, iSystems is a warm environment where people’s potential is fully valued.

Samuel is the youngest iSystems team member, starting working with us since 2019, doing an apprenticeship in parallel with his studies in computer science and economy.He is a fast learner, assisting our team on different levels, installing full environments and work stations for our customers.He has a strong passion for cooking, sometimes experimenting in our kitchen with unusual dishes that surprise us each time.The iSystems’s environment feels like home to him and we cannot be more than happy to work with such a responsible young man.

Susanne is the iSystems’s translator since 2019 and a valuable member. She consolidates bridges between cultures and helps us to brake any language barriers.Her mind is like an open umbrella that works just because she choose to keep it open, even now during the retirement times.We are honoured to have her as a colleague from whom we have so much to learn, in the same way she learns from us.

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